Tuesday, March 25, 2008


My college essay is due now and for some reason I cannot get it done. It is weighing over me like a cement truck, affecting everything I do. Maybe deep down inside I don't want to be a gopher...

This is how I started it:

As a young child my father began to instill in me the importance of college; that an education would allow me the freedom to make my dreams come true. As I got older he continued his crusade but I became aware of choices that did not include a formal education. I had dreams of traveling the world and having my education be that of a more “worldly” format. I was going to go to Europe to visit old cities, travel to Alaska and climb mountains, as well as bask in the glow of a sunset from beaches around the world. My dream made perfect sense, since my skills in the classroom were meager at best, I would be a student of the world. And as soon as I got my college money, much to my father’s dismay, I was out the door. I drove across Canada. I flew to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Lisbon, and Athens. Every place I went I would then mentally check it off my list, another significant city done. I went to Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Todos Santos, I traveled all over the United States: Austin, Chicago, Fairbanks and Salt Lake City. But during my travels I forgot an important aspect of my schooling, the educational side, and it became an issue of quantity over quality. My worldly education became no more then a list of cities and a handful of change from different countries.

And I ask myself is it wrong to write about running away with college money in an essay to a college I would like to attend?

Monday, March 24, 2008


So because I have no life and am inept to keep up with friends- I am going to write what is going on in my life, what I am thinking about and what is making me frustrated at the moment.