Friday, August 29, 2008

What's blooming!

So I had every intention of jumping on the train with the weekly blooming post, and here it is almost Sept. and I'm on board... Again- I'm quick like that!

I was looking at the camera I gave my husband for his Bday and it has MACRO! Dude, so excited!!!! So here are some pictures I took today in the garden.

Cardinal vine


Snap Dragon

Fuzzy Wuzzy stage of Clematis

Iris evacuated from Katrina

What in the world is this? Anyone? Anyone?

Indigo Yarrow

Sedum with cute bee's

Thursday, August 28, 2008


So I went home last weekend and it was way too much fun and way too familiar and just way too much for my little heart to handle. I am feeling lost and lonely, but that's for another post...

Here are some highlights from my fabulous weekend:

-The smell of Philadelphia- metallic, garbagy, with a hint of piss- ahhh home..
-Going back to school shopping and eating fried rice with Gabe and the kids at the mall.
-Walking into Craig and Kat's house to a big welcome! (by Kat, Craig and all the booze soldiers lined up so proper like!)
-Playing pool, drinking rum, and sitting around the fire, or should I say passing out around the fire...
-Kat's awesome, most delicious pancakes.
-Trying to leave South Jersey- for hours.
-Craig's directions back to Philly.
-Babies in jars, corset crushed ribs and hunched backs.
-STEVE MATT, the Steve Matt special (cheese steak with mozzarella sticks nestled inside), Steve Matt's wife Kristie, Did I say Steve Matt?!?
-"May I bring you a bucket of ice for your bottle of Jameson?"
-"We fucked that sushi place up"
-Big Ben and his gold chain, good ol' Ben!
-A very clever plan to hit Steve in the face with our new ball!
-taxidermy, god, star wars and "Its so crazy in here!"
-Kristie kicking Craig's ass while Steve talks to my mom and Erik keeping my glass filled...
-Whose idea was it to do back flips?
-Erik turning left while Craig's GPS is yelling "RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT"!
-That waitress who did not put up with Craig's crap.
-Rolling into moms house at 4:30 am and passing out on the floor.
-A beautiful breakfast, in a lovely apt, with good friends and family.
-Walking into Tammy's house and seeing the whole family enjoying an old episode of Dr. Who.
-Tammy saying that when she finally move back to Philly from Chicago, "she was home"...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

National Night Out

Well, I have recovered from the shin-dig that happened last Tuesday night! We had the craziest party and there are still remnants of it on the front lawn...
The ingredients:
800 water balloons
50 paper lanterns (painted by the neighborhood kids)
scavenger hunt (for the shredded water balloons!)
72 beach balls (for the biggest dodge ball game EVER!)
Yummy food
And good conversations

Its just cool to have everyone together, putting aside all the tribulations of the block, and hang out...