Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Went camping last weekend. As a kid I remember how fun camping was, running through the woods, climbing on fallen trees and searching for new and unusual bugs. We would spend the mornings canoeing through quiet waters looking for beaver damns or birds catching a snack. In the evening I loved sitting by the fire with the family, talking to each other and watching the stars. As a kid I would forget all the troubles at home and just live in the moment of those fun days and peaceful nights. Last weekend my kids experienced everything I loved about camping and it made me feel like I am doing okay by them.


Bob Collins said...

Have you ever had those moments when you're watching your kids doing something you did as a kid, at a place you went as a kid, and get the out-of-body experience that you're looking at you back in time? That was the coolest thing when my kids were young.

cola said...

Yes! this happened when I took the kids home to Philadelphia. I saw myself, in them, discovering things I had discovered.. It is a crazy circle, so much may change with the times but we still learn with one foot in front of the other.