Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gnome Friend

I have heard of this happening, but never thought I would get to experience it first hand- a gnome has made our garden it's home! I was pulling weeds around the day lilies the other day, which have become out of control, and I noticed a clearing in the center of the clump of plants and a little metal chair. The craftsmanship of the chair was sublime, as the welds of the chair were clean and metal work is very ornate. Fine gnome craftsmanship for sure!

According to the publication 'Gnomes' by Wil Nuygen, there are a pocket of gnomes located just South of Lake Superior, which would include the Twin Cities region. I believe I have a house gnome who are good natured, but mischievous. They often take up residence in the garden, but have been known to live in the walls of the home also.

We are very excited about our new friend and will share when he reappears!

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