Monday, July 13, 2009

DRAT! The Squash Borer Beetle strikes again!!

Dammit, the last four of the six years this bugger has gotten me, turning my squash to an icky, gooey mess... We'll that is it, I am throwing in the towel on this plant... fresh Zucchini will have to come from the farmers market and not by garden.  
Th exciting part is A LOT of veggie real estate just opened up- what 4 sq. feet?  Anyone have any grand ideas of an exotic veggie that will grow in zone 4a?


Lucilou said...

O man.. that sucks. I was wondering what those buggies were, now I know!

Kat said...

i wonder if that is what is killing our zucchini. i am going to have to be on buggie patrol