Thursday, August 28, 2008


So I went home last weekend and it was way too much fun and way too familiar and just way too much for my little heart to handle. I am feeling lost and lonely, but that's for another post...

Here are some highlights from my fabulous weekend:

-The smell of Philadelphia- metallic, garbagy, with a hint of piss- ahhh home..
-Going back to school shopping and eating fried rice with Gabe and the kids at the mall.
-Walking into Craig and Kat's house to a big welcome! (by Kat, Craig and all the booze soldiers lined up so proper like!)
-Playing pool, drinking rum, and sitting around the fire, or should I say passing out around the fire...
-Kat's awesome, most delicious pancakes.
-Trying to leave South Jersey- for hours.
-Craig's directions back to Philly.
-Babies in jars, corset crushed ribs and hunched backs.
-STEVE MATT, the Steve Matt special (cheese steak with mozzarella sticks nestled inside), Steve Matt's wife Kristie, Did I say Steve Matt?!?
-"May I bring you a bucket of ice for your bottle of Jameson?"
-"We fucked that sushi place up"
-Big Ben and his gold chain, good ol' Ben!
-A very clever plan to hit Steve in the face with our new ball!
-taxidermy, god, star wars and "Its so crazy in here!"
-Kristie kicking Craig's ass while Steve talks to my mom and Erik keeping my glass filled...
-Whose idea was it to do back flips?
-Erik turning left while Craig's GPS is yelling "RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT"!
-That waitress who did not put up with Craig's crap.
-Rolling into moms house at 4:30 am and passing out on the floor.
-A beautiful breakfast, in a lovely apt, with good friends and family.
-Walking into Tammy's house and seeing the whole family enjoying an old episode of Dr. Who.
-Tammy saying that when she finally move back to Philly from Chicago, "she was home"...

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Kat said...

Sounds like an awesome three days to me! I'm already telling Craig we need to save up for the Mini Apolis next summer! I am really determined! You guys should also come back(whole family!) We'd totally baby sit your kids so you and Charlie could have a night(or more ;P) out on the town in Philly! So get your butts over here too!
Love ya and miss ya!

P.S. I have a photo of Craig reaching behind you and Erik at your mom's house for more food, I think we took a ton of photos of Craig just eating, haha