Friday, August 29, 2008

What's blooming!

So I had every intention of jumping on the train with the weekly blooming post, and here it is almost Sept. and I'm on board... Again- I'm quick like that!

I was looking at the camera I gave my husband for his Bday and it has MACRO! Dude, so excited!!!! So here are some pictures I took today in the garden.

Cardinal vine


Snap Dragon

Fuzzy Wuzzy stage of Clematis

Iris evacuated from Katrina

What in the world is this? Anyone? Anyone?

Indigo Yarrow

Sedum with cute bee's


Kat said...

Cool florals!!

McCain sucks.... He's old. He picked a 44 yr old running mate because she's younger than Obama and a woman... what a ducheeeeeeee baggggg

Plus even if she is a woman( and I have reasons to believe she might not be...because McCain picked her) she is the complete opposite of Hilary, therefore Hilary voters should stay away! Far away. Such a silly publicity stunt on the McCain side.

Kat said...

Just gotta stay focus and keep thinking happy thoughts!!! Soon it will be done and we can partayyyy. Werd?

We're tought ladies!