Wednesday, September 03, 2008


The boy and I challenged ourselves to a lego contest. I had to use ALL the yellow and he was in charge of the red. Needless to say, he started out strong but drifted to building race cars (it is his default mode). I stayed focused and worked hard to create this masterpiece!


Kat said...

That's because you rock!

Girls Rule and Boys Drool!

Kat said...

I never quite understand why some people think they can really be great teachers, and they aren't. It baffles me!

Kat said...

Craig thinks I am crazy for being afraid of spiders!!! He also lied about getting rid of the first spider. So the second spider I thought I saw was actually still the first one. It was either me in the water or spider on leg, I just HAD to jump out.
But I am glad you laughed so hard and got shushed at the library, that's awesome!!!